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Professional Movers & Packing Tips

Need Helpful With Packing Tips? 

Whether you're moving across the country or across town, moving is always a little stressful  -- and packing is often the hardest part. 
But with the right preparation, it doesn't have to be. By getting organized, packing carefully and avoiding rookie mistakes, you can be sure that your belongings will arrive intact -- along with your sanity.

1. Start off with the right supplies
Avoid multiple trips to the store by setting yourself up with a full inventory of packing supplies.
 Here are the basics: 
  • Bubble wrap for fragile items
  • Tissue paper or blank newsprint (newspaper ink can stain)
  • Plastic zip-top bags for collecting small items together
  • Strong packing tape
  • Labels and markers
  • Stretch wrap for securing doors and drawers

2. Collect a variety of boxes
Sure, you can snag some free boxes at the grocery store, but you'll be limited as to size and quality -- You never know what you'll get. You're better off buying boxes in a variety of sizes from your local home supply store. Some special boxes you might want to consider:

  • 3. Know your boxing basics
    Think you know how to pack a box correctly? Consider these tips to make sure:
    • For anything breakable, pack the bottom of the box with a bunched  layer of paper for Cushion in the bottom for protection ,Be sure to stuff it into the corners.
    • Choose the right boxes for the right items. Heavier items -- like books and tools -- should go in smaller boxes. Lighter items -- like towels and clothes -- can go in big boxes.
    • Don't leave unnecessary space at the top of boxes -- they could collapse when stacked , so bunched  layers of paper at the top to keep the box full and for an extra cushion.
    • Packing Pictures, mirrors, flat glass , keep box flat like an envelope and tape the bottom of the box securely, bunch paper into a roll and  place at the bottom of the box and bubble wrap the picture and slide it into the box topping with another layer bunched of paper and tape box securely on the top it should be flat like an envelope when completed. 
    • Packing plates and flat dishes. Bunch paper and put in the bottom of the box for Cushion. Bubble wrap each picture or paper wrap each picture placing them into the box vertically & never flat. And top with more bunched paper at the end for more cushion , never leave the box room at the top to collapsed or cave in. 
    • Glasses ,wine glasses & coffee cups , Bunch paper at the bottom of the box for cushion and wrap each glass with two pieces of pack or bubble wrap .   Keep each glass in upright position , Never laying them on their sides. Cushion the top of lots of paper at top , never leave room at the top of box to collapse or Cave in. 
    • Avoid mixing items from different rooms in different boxes. It will make unpacking a lot easier.
    • Once you've filled and taped up your box securely, immediately label it clearly -- before you forget what's inside!

    4. Think outside of the box -- literally
    Get creative and make sure you're using everything at your disposal when packing up your home. For instance:
    • Pack your clothes in suitcases, laundry hampers, baskets and any other carriers you have around the house.
    • Save money on bubble wrap by using towels, washcloths and even clothes to pack breakable items like glasses and dishware.
    5. Create an inventory
    A home inventory is a smart thing to have for insurance purposes whether you're moving or not, but it just so happens that moving is a great time to put one together if you haven't already. As you pack your belongings, make a list of your most valuable items, and photograph them as well. This will protect your belongings in case of accident or theft.
    6. Pack a first-night bag
    There's nothing worse than arriving at your new home and not knowing where anything is. Besides the obvious overnight bag with a change of clothes and toiletries, pack a first-night bag with the following:
    • A flashlight
    • Trash bags
    • A box cutter
    • Cleaning wipes and other basic cleaning supplies
    • Toilet paper
    • Shower curtain
    • Snacks
    • Matches
    • Tool kit
    • Electronics chargers
    Do you consider yourself a packing pro? 
    If not call Us @ Jones Moving with 35yrs of experience, family owned and operated,
    we can assisted with all your question , or Moving needs for your next Local or Long Distance Move.
     Check out our A+ rating with the better business bureau  
    Http:// or CALL 623-221-3335 

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Long Distance Moving Services & relocation specialist

Relocation Moving Advice 

Here are Six tips on how to settle into your new home and community:
1. Find medical care
One of the most difficult aspects of relocating is finding a physician and dentist you trust in your new town or city. Despite the stress of moving, it’s crucial to find trustworthy physicians for medical help in case any emergencies arise. Keep in mind that while you can ask around for the best local practices, you can also rely on  to speak with doctors online and get any necessary treatments shipped to your new house. 
2. Explore the town
There’s no better way to familiarize yourself with a new place than to poke around for yourself. Ask your neighbors or coworkers for recommendations for the best spots in town, but also wander around without a specific destination in mind to get to know the area better. You might you’re your new favorite shop or restaurant! Finding places in town will help you feel more connected to your community and can help you feel settle in to your new area while also introducing you to like-minded locals.
3. Host a party
Whether it’s a housewarming party or just a potluck dinner, inviting neighbors and new coworkers over to your home is a great way to bond with those in town and expand your friend network. Consider hand-delivering invitations so you have the chance to introduce yourself and personalize the event. To break the ice at the party, you can give a tour of your home, play a housewarming-themed game, or ask for everyone’s history of living in the area.

4. Transfer Services over to New place
Important financial tasks are often forgotten in the mist of moving. Since losing track of bills among piles of boxes is all too easy. Setting up systems before moving can easily transition from old home too new. For monthly bills such as phone, rent or mortgages can really help set them up for auto pay, which you can typically do through your bank or the billing company. 

5. Create a to-do list
If you feel overwhelmed by the errands you need to run and tasks you need to complete, try writing everything down. This will help you visualize your tasks, organize your thoughts, and plan how to tackle them. Then, you can schedule your to-dos based on proximity and relevance to each other and check items off more efficiently. Consider using a to-do journal to keep track of and prioritize short-term and long-term tasks.
6.Make your home your own
Once you move into your new house or apartment, you should get to work on making it feel like home. Whether that means making small repairs, hanging art work or painting some walls, you should be working to feel happy in your new home, especially before you begin unpacking all your boxes. 
When settling into a new community and home, it’s important to make it feel comfortable and uniquely you. Use these tips or discover your own to make your relocation as smooth as possible. Using a professional moving company like even take the stress of moving off your shoulders, so you can focus on making your new house feel like home. 
Local moving service or Long Distance Moving Service is available 
Were fully licensed & Insured for your protection.

Let our family owned and operated company of 35yrs show you how enjoyable moving can be when hiring professional movers. 
Were here to answer all your questions 7 days a week from 7am to 6pm daily. 
CALL 623-221-3335 or our website @

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Top Movers In the Phoenix Area , Local or Long Distance Moving Service

Looking for A Full Service Moving Company? 

Can You Help Me To Pack And Unpack?
Packing and unpacking your belongings is the most time-consuming parts of your move, 
which is why Jones Moving & Storage specialist can help you disassemble and reassemble items such as ,Beds, Desk, washer, dryers, refrigerators,cubicles,dismount TV’s. 
Our professional staff can support you with everything from packing 
Fine China, Crystals, antiques, heirloom items, art work , paintings, pictures,
dishes, pots & pans, books, garage items, unique items. 
We also provide, crating service for chandeliers and unique pieces.

We can also help you with unpacking items.
This means that you can relax and enjoy your move when you work with us. 
Our professional staff know exactly how to pack items in the most efficient way, so your precious possessions will be stowed away safely.

Do You Have Experience Transporting Delicate Items?
Looking for a moving company that have experience moving fragile items such as baby grand pianos , antiques, gun safes, hot tubs and pool tables and statues.
Our Company will be able to treat every item you own with the same respect, and also transport any precious articles you may have with precision. Our crews are experienced in transporting antiques and pianos, so we know how to treat all of your precious possessions with the respect they deserve.

Do You Offer Storage? 
Unlike other storage companies, we offer short-term storage, long-term storage service and even overnight storage. We guarantee each and every customer that your household or commercial storage needs are met for as long or as short as you need. Whether you need your office furniture, one piece, one room or your entire home stored.  Jones Moving & Storage can provide you with a safe and secure place to store your belongings. We will inventory your items , we expect your items to come to you in the same condition. All your items will be padded for protection, all while in our storage facility. Our facility is climate controlled.
 Due to the high level of security we provide to keep our customers’ belongings protected, this storage facility is not publicly accessed. Our rates are extremely competitive and we consistently deliver an unprecedented level of service. You can rest easy knowing your belongings and valuables are safe and sound in the best storage facility.
Do You Receive Positive Reviews From Customers?
Always ask to be provided with reviews and praise from customers before you start working with a moving company. We regularly receive praise and positive reviews from our customers, which we’re happy to share with our customers. Our website showcases some of our positive reviews from customers, so you can see the exceptional level of service we offer before you book to work with us. 
The Best place to check our your local Movers is on Better business bureau website,
This is most reliable source.  Some companies pay to have reviews put on the Web.
Click link below to see our A+ rating we are very proud of this and work hard for our customers to receive these reviews. 

Our Family Owned & Operated Company has been serving the community for 35+ yrs and it shows with every move with make. We are dedicated in making your moving process going very smoothly.
  Call Us Today 623-221-3335 for your next Local Move, Long Distance Move or packing Services. Our staff will take Good care of your belongings. 

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Moving Soon? Local or Long Distance Moving Tips

Things you need to Know and Ask your Movers

Moving to a new home ,Apartment or office can be an exhilarating experience, but you need to be prepared or else you’ll quickly get stressed.
A quality moving company can provide you with all the support you need to make the process completely hassle-free. That being said, you need to find the right company that suits your needs. 
Jones Moving & Storage is a trusted moving company that has been supporting home and business owners across the Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler ,Fountain Hills, Surprise,Sun City, areas and other surrounding areas for more over 30years. 
As such, we know exactly what you need to ask when you’re thinking of hiring a professional moving company. We’ve put together a list of the questions you should ask any company you’re considering working with before you sign a contract and agree to pay for their services.

How many years in the moving industry do you have ? 
You need to make sure that your moving team knows how to lift your belongings safely, and generally provide you with a quality service. We’ve been in this industry for more than 3 decade, so we know exactly how to move
anything from pillows to Piano’s also bulky pieces of furniture and everything in between.

Are Your Movers from the Local Area? 
Nationwide moving companies can help you if you’re moving across the country, but a local firm can give you the benefit of its knowledge of the area you’re moving to. As our name suggests, Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler ,Fountain Hills, Surprise,Sun City, and other surrounding area 
, which meaning they know everything there is to know about the area you’re moving to. They can tailor their routes to miss the worst of the traffic, find the quickest way to transport your belongings to your new apartment,home, or Office and even give you guidance on the best local hotspots.
We also provide Long Distance moving services, 
the owners of our company will be with you every step of the way from start to Finish with our our fleet of truck. Quick pick up and Delivery

What Services Do You Provide?
When you’re moving to a new apartment,house, or Office ,you might need several services to get you settled in. For example, you might need expert piano moving services as well as a full house removal. Alternatively, you might only need labor to help you move your goods from your home to your vehicle or even load and unload a Rental Truck or POD. 
We also provide professional Packing service for all of your needs from Fine China,Crystals and Breakable or anything you just can’t hold or pack  on your own. 
If you have unwanted items such as bedrooms, dressers, couches ,or everyday essentials we are proud supporters of these  nonprofit organization’s (Saving Amy ) and 
(Mother’s Grace)
Whatever you need, it’s important that you know that your moving company can provide it. No matter how many professional movers you need or what specialist support you want, we can offer it to you, so you’ll only ever need one moving company for your whole life when you work with Jones Moving & Storage . 

Is your company Fully Licensed And Insured?
Some small moving companies don’t do the checks they should on their staff or provide them with the training and insurance you’d expect. As such, you should always ask if your moving team are fully licensed and insured before you work with them. We only provide our clients with state requirements with fully licensed and insured staff, so you can rely on us. 
We even go one step further, and provide non-smoking, background checked, and uniformed crews, Gloves and Face Mask,so that you can rest assured that you’re being supported by highly trained, experienced professional movers when you trust us to help you with your move.

What Are Your Prices And What’s Included?
Price isn’t the most important factor, but you need to make sure your moving company is transparent and tells you exactly what they charge and what they give you in return. At Jones Moving & Storage we share our prices on our website and tell you exactly what services are provided. 
We even send and email to confirm everything we talked about with dates,time of arrival and the prices we have discussed with you, with other important details.
That means that you can budget for your move easily and won’t be surprised by any extra charges.

How Do I Book?
Any quality moving company will provide you with convenient ways to book their services. If a company makes it hard for you to book a set time or refuses to commit to a date, then this could be a sign that they’re not reliable. You need a moving company that you can trust when you’re moving to a new house. We understand the importance of reliability when we’re helping you to move, which is why we allow you to  or contact us directly, meaning that you can quickly get your move underway.

Call Today and See how enjoyable moving can be with our professional Staff. 
7 days a week 7am-6pm 623-221-3335

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Top Moving Company in Arizona

Few Tips When Hiring Movers in Phoenix,AZ

Moving can be very stressful, with all the components to moving. From fining a new place to live to changing services over to your new residence . Than you have to fine a good moving company to
Moving all you priceless items ,at a reasonable price .
 There are a lot of moving companies operating in different parts of the state.  Regardless if you’re moving in the valley or relocating out of state you'll surly need access to professionals who can make your move a lot easier and stress-free. 
To Help you narrow down the search and hiring a professional, experienced moving company, consider some of these tips below; 
1.Ask for referrals from Friends and Family 
There’s  a-lot of options when choosing a moving company in Phoenix,AZ . 
There might even be some Movers in your neighborhood. Ask your friends , neighbors and family for  recommendations. They can provide you with valuable information, especially if they have recently moved. 
Ask as many questions you can ,like the price and quality of service they have received. 
Don’t forget to ask about the movers to avoid. You want to hire a moving company to will successful move you with no stress on moving day.
2. Check the internet for feedback.
The internet is a good source of information on a good moving company.
When using the internet you’ll have access to lot of past customers who have hired movers and will posted there moving experience Good or Bad. Also check the moving company website where past customers can leave a review. This will also let you know if this company will meet your expectations. 
I do have to say there are moving companies that will hire people to write reviews for them.
A good source is the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List.

3. Get an On-Site Estimates 
If you doing a residential or commercial moving ,It’s always a good idea to have about three on-site Estimates ,this will allow you the to change compare your options.
If you have a good idea of one of the Moving companies your considering hiring , this will allow you to 
Meet  representative of the company and let them know you moving needs and  concerns . 
A few questions you may need to ask, if they offer packing services, storage , overnight storage, Auto transport or long distance moving services. It’s always a good idea to ask if there are an additional charges or fees with moving local or long distance. You should be informed about the price you’re going to be pay so you can budget easily.
Call for Free Estimate 623-221-3335
4. Licensed & Insured Movers 
It’s very important you choose a very reparable moving company that is licensed and insured your protection. 
Most moving will cover your items at .60per pound per article, they should also offer you extra coverage with a third party company. We can also check with your homeowners insurance for extra coverage.
Note: items usually not covered are boxes, totes, tubes packed by you. Any usual pieces of any kind such as side by side refrigerators, gun safe, baking equipment, Commercial ovens or refrigerator , any glass, mirrors, marble tops, pictures, plants , statues ,pottery, lamps,open top boxes,totes, tubes, TVs, bags, IKEA & press wood furniture.
Not responsible for any internal parts of TVs ,refrigerators , stoves,baking equipment ,washer ,dryers, or any electronics. 
Not responsible for large furniture pieces or oversize pieces due to tights conditions, turn in stairways  or any walls. 
If the company packs items for you they are usually covered by this policy. 

The Bottom Line
With all the helpful tips in this article , we hope you have learn a few things.
No matter how prepared you are, there will be factored which will make your move challenging. But instead of stressing over these things , learn to embrace them and use those as your learning tools. 
We are here 7days a week to answer any questions or concerns you may have. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Quality Movers In Phoenix,AZ

Residential moving , Apartment moving and Commercial Movers in Phoenix,AZ 
Our residential moving services And Commercial Moving services are ideal for all types of homes, apartments, condo’s and Corporate / Office sizes. 
Along with home moving services and office moving  services we can also offer the following assistance .
  • Piano moving
  • Hot tub moving
  • Gun safe moving 
  • Grand father clock 
  • Auto transport 
  • Apartment moving 
  • Loading and unloading of rental trucks, POD,ABF trailersn
  • Packing services and crating services 
  • Disassemble and reassemble of furniture
  • Office and Commercial Moving 
  • Cubicle 
  • Printer -Copier 
  • L-Shape Desk  
  • Filing cabinet 
  • Large  executive desk 
  • Large  conference tables 
  • Climate Control Storage 
Specializing in Apartment Moving:
Many families, couples and individuals in the valley live in apartments and condominiums. We offer full apartment moving services that will take management guidelines into careful consideration throughout the moving process. Most high rise apartments and high end apartment complex’s need to be added as addition insured under our general liability policy we offer that service as well. 

Fine Art/Antiques Moving:
Most people fear moving their valuable artwork and antiques, but our crews will work to ensure every item is packed with the care and attention it deserves and arrives safely at your new place. We have packing crews that specialize in packing specialty items. 

Auto Transport or Vehicle Shipping :
When moving out of state the odds are good that you may need your vehicles as part of your relocation. When moving with Jones Moving there’s no need to find a third party company to move your vehicles – we will gladly assist in relocating cars,antique cars, Sports cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles , ATV’s and small boats as part of your move. Our cost is comparable to most car carriers prices.

Office Furniture moving & Installation:
Our staff is knowledgeable on the disassemble and assembly of office desk, modular furniture and cubicles– so your staff can get back to work as soon as possible.

Let us SHOW you how enjoyable moving can be on your next move.
Either on short notice or next month, we would love to be your first choice on moving day. Open 7 days a week from 7AM to 6PM

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