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Moving Tips

Jones Moving & Storage offers Tips for a smooth and stress-free move transition to your new place. With over 30yrs in the moving industry we can help you make an easier transition.
Let our Family move your family, Taking care of one customer at a time.

You should start looking for professional moving company, about one month before you will be relocating to your new place. Some moving companies get booked up very fast for the first and end of every month. Also, Weekends usually are pretty busy due to many people having weekends off. Summer months are usually the busiest time for moving companies, so give yourself enough time to set up an appointment.  Short notice moves are available in some cases.
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Here is a complete list of carton sizes and uses for each size of box. The most common sizes and uses are:

Packing Supplies

  • Dishpacks- Dishes, crystal, glassware, large flower arrangements, table lamps
  • Small Boxes- Breakables, books, records, canned food, tools, and Heavy items should always go in to smaller boxes.
  • Medium Boxes- Pots/pans, dry foods, games, toys
  • Large Boxes- Bedding, linens, large toys
  • Wardrobe Cartons- Hanging clothes, shoes and hats. Wardrobe Cartons are brought to your home on the day of the move and are returned when the move is completed.
  • Always use paper bunched up for cushions at the bottom of your box and double wraps every items-Breakable. Always top the box with another topping of paper for cushioning those breakable pieces.
  • Labeling what’s in each box and label what room you want it to go to.
  • For any questions on packing please call 602-944-1413

Time and Cost Saving Tips
  • Remove glass table tops, marble tops, and mirrors from dressers. (Your movers can create or pad up your glass pieces.)
  • Dismantle beds, remove lamp shades, and wind cords around lamps.
  • Label cartons with destination in new home. Place close to exit at origin house if movers are moving them, but do not block walkways or doorways.
  • Insure clear pathways to exit at origin and entrance at destination.
  • Move cartons, lamps, pictures, glass tops and small pieces yourself.
  • Disable TV and cable wires
  • Take any items such as… documents, prescriptions, plants, breakable, valuable and place them in a safe place, maybe your car so the movers don’t take those items.
Long Distance Moving

Things you need to know when doing a long distance move.
  • Check your Movers US DOT Numbers(Our License numbers is: US DOT #1851763 & MC#670510)
  • Insurance Information or coverage. Most have .60 cents per pound per article. Extra Insurance is available at $10.00 per every thousands with a $500.00 with a deductible through us. You could also check with homeowners insurance or a three party insurance through
  • Always check out reviews on you long distance  moves or local moves. Check us out at these site below: Your Movers should be listed with Yelp, Google, Angie's List or BBB.
  • With our company you will be getting the Owner of Jones Moving- Steve Jones he does all the Out of State Moves. He has over 30yrs experience in the moving industry, we know you will be Very Happy with your Moving Experience. *From Start to Finish*
  • Relocation Specialist:   State to State, North to South, East to West. Your Goods are safe with us, we care for you belonging as of it were our own. We do expediting service, you don't have to wait one to weeks for our furniture.
  • Place we go often: CA,CO,UT,NM,TX,LA,MO,OK,IN,IL,OH,MI & Etc...
    Jones Moving Safety Regulations
  • We can handle glass and marble table tops, lamp shades and bases, pictures, mirrors or small electronics if they are not packed by your movers, they will not be responsible for those items, if they break.
  • Clothing and linens may be left in dressers, chests and night stands but books, valuables, jewelry and breakables – such as perfume bottles – must be removed.
  • Refrigerators or freezers may be loaded last and unloaded first. The contents should be placed in coolers just before they are moved. Movers can’t take any food or freezer food.
  • We can disable or reassemble your Beds, Washer & Dryer, but we are not responsible for anything that may go wrong with you items, such as Screws, striping, pluming, pipes, electric and wires.
  • Government regulations prevent us from transporting paints, gasoline, pressurized or toxic materials, firearms, and ammunition or propane tanks. Equipment containing gasoline must be drained before moving
  • If an elevator is involved in your move, please check with your building manager to see if you must have an elevator reservation.
  • We can Dismount & remove any items secured to the wall i.e. artwork, mirrors, window treatments. Movers are not responsible for any of the dismount, rehanging or reinstalling any items that were on the walls.

These packing & moving tips for moving are provided by Jones Moving to provide an efficient and effective process for the customer as well as the safety of your possessions and our workers. For more information go to our website @
We would love to have the chance to assisted with your up coming move. CALL TODAY and see How Enjoyable moving can be with our experienced movers. 602-944-1413 


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