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Making the right Move...

Making The Right Move!

 Do your Homework when hiring a Professional Moving Company. Here are some things you should be asking your moving company, if you care about protecting your Furniture and your pocket book.

Information you should Check in Advance on your Local or Long Distance Movers:

  •   Check the Better Business Bureau(BBB)                                                                                           See what our customers are saying about us:  Better Business

  •    Check with A.D.O.T  at
  • Check on Google & Yelp Reviews to see what other customer are saying about that company                                                                                                                                            (Our Reviews: Phoenix Google Plus)

  •     Ask for their Licensed & Insurance information (Our US DOT# 1851763)
  • Moving Companies are limited by law as to how much they can protect you (liability) for lost or damaged goods. To cover potential damage or loss, check your existing homeowners insurance policy as to whether it can be used as a supplement. Also look into transit insurance as a supplement.  You can Add Extra Insurance though
  • Find out what moving service the moving company performs, Such as Packing Service, Crating Service, Dissemble, Reassemble services
  • What kind of truck will your movers bring to relocate you to your new place? What size is important too?  You may have oversize furniture or maybe moving further away from your old place.  If the truck is to small they may need to make trips which can cost you a lot more in the end.
  • Ask about Extra Fee’s Like for Stairs, Heavy Items, Long Walks, disassemble, Shrink Wrap, Wardrobes Rental, Weekend, Fuel Charges,Pads,Dollies & Etc… Real Moving Companies don’t charge for these things. 
  •   Ask if there movers are Experience and how many years. It makes a big difference when they are experience and Not Day Labors, Plumber’s, painters.
  • Ask if they Speak English, So on moving day you can communicate with them. 
  •   Always ask what your mover’s process is for payment, Some Non-Professional Movers always demand to be paid before they unload your Furniture in (CASH) Or they will hold your goods hostages until they get paid. By law they can do that, It’s a Civil matter. You have to go to court to get your goods back.  Here are a few expectations: Keep in mind if your moving long distance, it’s normal procedures for the driver to collected before unloading the truck. Its normal for a moving company that has had problems with their past customer paying their bill to take Cash before unloading the truck.

Information you should tell your Moving Company in Advance :

  • Let your Moving Company know how many stairs there are at your home, apartment, office or storage unit as well as at your unloading location. 
  • Inform the moving company of low-hanging utility wires or tree branches in your current and new neighborhood, as it may impede the moving truck getting to your residence. 
  • Dissembling of washer, dryers, Tv’s , refrigerator, Baby Grand Pianos, Pool tables,  or disconnecting of any opponents , it’s a good idea to let the moving company know about these as well. Some companies will not do this service. We will but you should know, we don’t take any responsible if something goes wrong with pipes, water, hardware, walls or etc.. 
  • Oversized Furniture is a very important thing to tell your moving company.
  • Your distance from your loading location to your unloading location is important to tell your movers. So your movers can bring the appropriate size truck for your furniture.
  • All packing should be done before moving day, if for some reason you have some packing to do done you should notify your moves prior to moving day and let them know you may need help with some items.

Bill of Lading and Guarantees
  • You will receive a Bill of Landing on Moving Day, If you wish you can inquire prior to moving day to see moving a copy before your move.
  • For out of state moves , Check that the Bill of Lading clearly includes all charges
  • DO NOT leave your old home before the movers are completed loading the truck and are ready to depart for your new home (or storage, if the case may be). You must sign the bill of lading. If you do not sign the bill of lading upon completion of loading the truck, you open yourself to liability.
  • We don’t require gratuities, but our professional movers can accept any money you offer them. It’s greatly appreciated for the work they do. Note: If the movers are set to come out for packing service you may not get the same movers on moving day. So if you are planning on tipping both crews you should pay tips each day.
    Beware of Cheap Moving in Phoenix, AZ

  •     If you are hiring a Moving Company that is charging $35.00 per hour for 2-men or $49.99 per hour for 3-men, it usually too good to be true.
  • They usually charge extra fee’s which always ends up costing more money in the end. If you do the math for the labor, truck fee, gas and insurance, there wouldn’t be enough money for that company to stay in business.
  • So many if these companies charge extra for stairs, heavy items, Shrink wrap, fuel charges, mileage and many more that could end up costing more ,than if you would have went with a reparable professional moving company.
  • When hiring a Licensed Professional Moving Company you will pay less in the end. They usually get done a lot faster with no damages.
  • They usually don’t have a truck and you would need to rent a truck for them to move you. You Might even get a open trailer like the one in the picture above.
  •   Most of the companies are not on Google Maps or Yelp and Some of these companies on Craigslist have changed their name, due to bad reviews.

  •     BE SAFE And Do your homework!! Cheap isn’t always Best!

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