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Things you should know when Hiring A Professional Movers

When relocating it is important to recognize which moving company have quality professional movers on site.  Of course, any website can tell you that a particular company or a number of movers are reliable and trustworthy, but how do you know that this is true? There are a few criteria according to which you will easily recognize a quality moving company from the others.
Our tips will help you do it.
How to Distinguish Quality, Professional Movers
First of all they should have a website. After all, this is the 21 century when technology makes things much easier. Besides, finding customers is easier when you are present on the internet. Why is this important? Usually scammers don’t have a website because they don’t want to be tracked down – they are simply looking for gullible people who pay cash.

Moving Companies Reviews: Reading reviews to find out which companies are reliable – it goes without saying this is important. But no worries – this is how to recognize fake reviews. Reviews in reliable websites like, BBB, Yelp and Angie’s List are written by people like you who have moved so it is good to see some opinions of a mover before hiring them.
Additional landmarks you could use. You can check if the moving company is a member of the Better Business Bureau, Safer System / ADOT. Usually this means that the company is striving to provide more quality by following higher standards of work. And this is good, right? If all you’ve seen and read about a particular moving company is pleasing you, then it is time to proceed to getting a quote from them. You can use our form at  Website – of course, it is free. By getting a quote you will be able to compare professional movers and packers by their pricing. Remember that the cheapest movers may not offer best services and there may be some hidden charges that are legitimate but you are not being told about. Extra charges are usually to cover the cost of the labor & truck cost. In the end you usually pay more for your move with all the extra charges.  At Jones Moving we don’t believe on charging extra fees for stairs, heavy items, extra fuel charge, mileage, weekends, & wardrobe rental.
Office or Warehouse:  Quality moving and packing companies will not just have an office but if you want to see it and see the trucks they use, you will be welcome. It goes without saying that scammers will not have an address or if they give you one, there will be something different on this address like another company that has never heard of who you are looking for.

A professional moving company will be helpful; They will answer your questions and will provide you with necessary information. They should be able to explain how the moving process will go for you – what is the best way to pack things (if you have fragile items of high value they could offer crates), could they dismantle electronics, what is the liability they provide, etc. A mover should realize that you may have many questions regarding the organization of the relocation, which is typical for someone who has no or little experience with moving, and they should be ready to assist you.

Payments: Be careful when it comes to payments – quality movers and packers will accept means of payment different from cash. If they insist on being paid in cash only, then move on to the next company on your list. Another criteria to recognize quality movers is that they usually ask for a deposit that is about 20% of the total moving cost, so if the moving company asks you for a lot more than that as a deposit like 80% or the whole sum in cash, this should ring a bell that you may be dealing with moving scam. Also, cheaper moving companies will collect before unloading the truck, this is not normal for most moving companies to collect before the job is completed, unless your moving long distance than most moving company will collect at the unloading before the truck gets unloaded. Again, at Jones Moving we don’t believe in deposit for local moves, we collect at the end of your move. Long Distance Moves we may ask for a deposit & collect at delivery.

Insurance Requirement for professional movers: Most states requirements are .60cents per pound per article this is very normal for reparable moving companies. Always ask your moving company what they cover and don’t cover under that policy. Knowing this will help you to decide if you want to take some of your valuable items such as TV, documents, jewelry, medicine & etc. Always remember that boxes packed by you will not be covers under any insurance policy, also internal parts of washer, dyers, refrigerators, freezers, TV’s, Computer, printer & etc are not covers as well. You could call
 for extra coverage.

It may sound like it is not necessary to make a quality check of your movers but we hope that now after you’ve read these useful tips, you have changed your mind for your own safety. It is good to be able to distinguish between moving companies that give their best for their customers this is the kind of mover you should be looking for, and those companies that care about nothing other than getting paid. You may be thinking that there is no difference between those two types or that if there is, it is not a significant one, but if you have had one good and one bad moving experience, you will know you are on the right track with these tips. As a last tip: Remember to always ask question if you don’t understand something and always make sure you understand the answer. Any deviation from this rule could cost you a lot of money. Other than that, we can now wish you good luck in finding your quality mover for your relocation!

 We hope you call us about any questions you may have or even book your next local or long distance move with Jones Moving 602-944-1413 or

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