Monday, September 19, 2016

Dealing with Professional Movers

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Since 1990 Our Family Owned and Operated moving company has be proud to have served the community doing Residential, Commercial & Office Moving also Providing Local & Long Distance service and full packing service  as well. This Moving Business has been our families heart & Soul for 30yrs, we take great pride and what we do, here at Jones Moving. Making sure every customer have a great moving experienced and by doing that we provide experienced movers on Moving Day.

Questions you need to ask yourself before thinking about hiring a moving company is..
Do I need help with packing up my house, apartment or office? Ask your moving company if they offer packing service. If so how do you charge? Some companies charge by the hour plus materials and some charge by the box. The downsize to paying by the hour is.. if they aren't used to doing packing service they could be slow and your paying by the hour.
  1. Do you need a estimate? If you have a house or office move you may need and onsite estimate. If you have small move you most likely could get a phone quote. The onsite estimate will help you and the moving company know what to expect on moving day. Note: Most if the estimator are salesmen and have never even touched a piece of furniture. With us at Jones Moving our estimators are experience movers and get right to the point about your move. For a free estimate call us @ 602-944-1413
  2. Is the moving company your hiring have a Good reputation in the community? Believe me if they aren't doing a good job most of the time the public will let you know. The downside is there is a lot of companies that have a review company that write reviews. So do some searching and you can usually see it for yourself. See our Reviews @ Google & BBB
  3. Is my movers Licensed and insured? You can ask the for there US DOT # & General Policy. Keep in mind in Arizona you don't have to be licensed , so that means anyone can open up and moving company. This is a big problem with moving companies in the valley. Because on moving day you may get a crew that does painting or yard one day and next day moving furniture.  Not to mention if they have a damage you will be stuck with damage pieces.
  4. What is the cost to hire a professional moving company? In the valley you will find a varies price range. Some companies flat rate the move based on the list of what you gave them. Most companies are by the hour. Here is what you need to find out. What are the extra fees? Like for stairs, heavy items, weekends, fuel charges, wardrobes, shrink wrap and ETC.. With us a Jones Moving we don't believe in all those extra fees. Keep in mind cheapest isn't always best, after you pay all the extra fees you may pay more that the middle range companies. Not to mention most of the cheap moving companies hire by labor.
  5. Will my moving company protect my wood floors? We always protect wood floors with Professional floor runners.
  6. Do they offer climate control storage? Some moving company do offer storage. We offer vault climate control storage.
  7. How will my white pieces of furniture be protected? We always shrink wrap white furniture and we do not charge extra for that.
  8. How will my furniture be protected on the truck in transit to my new place? Here is a big indication to know if your dealing with a professional moving company. If they say shrink wrap , that would be a big no, no. Shrink wrap doesn't protect your furniture at all, expect from dirt. The answer is heavy pads. Some companies use tape on the pads and charge the customer for the tape. We don't believe in using tape we use big rubber bands its a fast process and free to the customer.

    I hope all of these questions and answers help you may better decision on pick a great moving like us. Our office is open 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm to help make your move go as smoothly as possible. Call us @ 602-944-1413 or visit our website @

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