Monday, September 12, 2016

Moving Company and knowing your Insurance Rights!!

Hiring a Moving Company and knowing your insurance rights.

The common assumption is that full coverage is included when a moving company lists itself as a licensed and insured carrier. However, the terms ‘licensed’ and ‘insured’ simply mean that the company has the sufficient auto, general liability, and cargo coverage that the Department of Transportation requires. Most companies offer a 60¢ per lb per article, waiver and release for their standard rates packages. It is important to know that this type of coverage is not the same as full value replacement insurance. However, it is the most standard coverage in the moving industry because no additional fees, descriptive inventory, or value needs to be assigned to the shipment. Moving companies use these contracts to offset the huge amount of liability that the company faces while handling household items.

Also you should know this coverage will not cover any boxes packed by you. Along with loose glass, pictures, mirrors, marble, pots, pottery, plants, press wood or IKEA furniture. Internal Mechanical Contents are not covered as well, like washers/dryers, computers, printers, refrigerators, appliances, copiers, televisions, pianos, fire pits, hot tubs and/or other items containing Internal Mechanical Contents. 
Keep in mind , If your planing on  hiring movers load a rental truck, POD , Oversea  container, ABF Trailer or storage unit your content will not be insured, not even under the .60 cents per pound per article. It is important to provide your Movers with heavy pads and ties downs to protect your items in transit from shifting. Once the movers leave your on own liability. 

The reasons that all insurance companies will not cover any of the items listed above is, they assume you will not be packing up your breakable properly and there is a higher change of those items breaking. Also, for the internal contents, your moving company and the insurance company have no idea if the article was working before the moving company moved it. Due to high insurance claims from many people wanting to claim it wasn’t working to get a new appliance they assume no responsibly for any internal contents.

It is very important for you to hire your moving company to pack any items that have great value to you like china, crystal, or valuable pieces. Packing service is available with us at Jones Moving.

Here are your Options:

1st Option: We Offer 60 cents per pound per article which is Cargo Insurance and is mandated by the Department of Transportation. This is the most common coverage throughout the Moving Industry. This is included in your hourly rate.

2nd Option:  We highly recommend a policy offered by this will cover you for a single piece or full household goods. If you have any questions about the insurance, please call them at 888-893-8835 or visit their website @ If you choose to get a policy through moving insurance. Note: The moving company will have to inventory all items and it will take a little longer for your move to be completed.

3rd Option:  Check with your Homeowner or rental insurance carriers to see what they cover.

Beware of Cheap Moving companies:
Usually when you receive a cheap hourly rate its usually too good to be true and they don’t cover cargo insurance or general liability. Which means you will not even receive the .60 cents per pound per article. Do your homework and ask them for a copy of the GL Policy.  Check all reviews on any moving company you hire. They might even show up with a trailer like the one in this picture. I spotted this moving company at Bell Rd & Litchfield rd. in Surprise,AZ I was so shocked to see that their is moving companies out there that  treat peoples furniture like that.
See our reviews with the Better Business Bureau :

However, any of these coverage’s must be done prior to moving day! Please don't wait until its to late.

 If you have any questions or concerns about your local or long distance move. Please call us 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm See how enjoyable move can be with the staff at Jones Moving 602-944-1413


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