Monday, September 26, 2016

Need Storage Soon?

When it comes time to move your items into storage, there are some specific things you can do that will make a huge difference, we will show you how to prepare items for storage. Planning ahead can help you avoid headache and aggravation down the road and can make it so much easier to remove items when needed. Here’s some ideas we’ve picked up over the years:

PROS And CONS on Self Storage Units, PODS, And Warehouse Storage:
  1. Self storage units is a easy way to access your unit at anytime. You can add and take things out as you need them. Downsize is that you don't usually have pads to protect your furniture from scratches and dents. Other downsize if your not a professional packer you may loose space by not packing your unit properly.
  2. PODS: The advantage is you only have to load it once until you need your items back. Disadvantage is you would need to provide your own protection ,such as pads, blankets and ties downs. Pods are usually 16ft and can't hold a lot of big furniture and you may need more than one POD which can be costly. Also, If you don't pack the Pod properly your items can break or get damaged. The truck that picks up and delivers the Pods have to tilts the container  to load the Pod on to the truck and your furniture can be damaged when that process is completed.
  3. Warehouse Storage: It is very convenient to having a professional moving company loading and take your items back to there warehouse. Because they are making sure all your furniture is protected with heavy pads and shrink wrap. The price is pretty reasonable for climate control with us @ Jones Moving. The downsize is we aren't public accuses, for the safety of our other customers in our warehouse. You wouldn't be able to get in to your storage vault after we pick it up your furniture and unload in to our warehouse. Also, your furniture is double handled. Visit our website for more information

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Helpful things to do for Self Storage Units:
·      Protect your dishes by using special dish packing boxes.
·      Wrap each glass, dish, and cup in its own packing paper or bubble wrap ,cushion the bottom and top of lots of paper – you might also use socks for glasses.
·      Plates and bowls should also be wrapped individually and stacked in boxes in vertical position.
·      Be sure to use plenty of cushioning at the bottom and top of boxes containing dishes or glasses, this will help from crashing the box ,when the box is packed full.
·      Mark boxes clearly with “fragile” and be sure to stack these boxes at the top of your storage unit.
·      Take the time to wrap big pieces of furniture such as sofas and loveseats with pads or blankets.  This will keep them clean and make them easier to move. If you have white furniture its best to shrink wrap them to protect them from getting dirty.
·      Stack chairs seat to seat and be sure to put a piece of cloth or paper in between the cushions
·      Be sure to cover other valuable furniture carefully with pads or blankets.
·      Store couches on end if possible to conserve space.
·      Separate the legs of a table from the table when possible to save space.
Wrap each leg in paper, plastic or a towel.
·      Put all hardware (such as nuts, bolts, screws) into a plastic bag and tape the bag to the piece of furniture it belongs to.
Books, Files, Documents
·      Careful not to overload boxes with books – you don’t want them to be too heavy.
·      Use file storage boxes and hanging folders for documents.
·      Be sure to label boxes accurately.
Appliances and Electronics
·      First be sure that all appliances are clean and dry before storing – they can be ruined when stored with even the smallest amount of moisture inside.
·      When possible, store electronics in original packaging.
·      Leave refrigerator door open slightly for circulation.

Other Items
·      Be sure that when filling a box, you fill it completely so it doesn’t collapse.
·      Use empty spaces between chairs and in the tops of dressers to store small items.
·      Mattresses should be wrapped in plastic and stored on their sides.
·      When storing metal items, run a few drops of oil on them to prevent rusting.
·      Artwork and mirrors should be carefully wrapped in plastic or packing paper and then placed in heavy duty cardboard boxes.
Beware of these items:
Totes and tube  have a tendency to break ,collapse, and come open.
Old used boxes can break down over time and when moved a lot.
Loose glass, mirrors, painting, TV's and picture can break if you don't pack or crate them in prior boxes.

Be sure to give us a call at Jones Moving & Storage if you have any questions regarding specific items.  We’ve been in the moving and storing business for years and know a thing or two about prepping for storage . Call Seven days a Week 602-944-1413

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