Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Things People Forget to do before Moving Day!!

Things people forget to do before moving:
·       1 month before moving, cancel recurring charges

Taking care of gym memberships or other subscriptions may fall by wayside during this crazy time leading up to moving day. Worse, those recurring charges will keep mounting on your credit card while you’re in the unpacking mode. Get started by canceling those at least one month before you move. Especially since many gyms require a 30 day notice.

 Can’t get out of your contract or transfer your membership to a facility by your new home or apartment? Sell it through online classified such as (Yes, most gyms allow this!) Don’t forget to unload any prepaid class cards too.

On the flip side, important recurring charges on your credit card- such as mail order medications, might be canceled if your address change hasn’t caught up with billing information. Make a list of services or companies and call them to avoid disruptions in services.

If your planning on moving out of state or local and need to hire a professional mover you should call for a free estimate 602-944-1413

·       2 Weeks before: Call your car insurance company.

The MVD  advises people moving process to manage their car insurance during the transition, as states have varying levels of required coverages. Even if you’re staying in the same city. Rates can differ from neighborhood to neighborhoods. So call your insurance company well before the move to find out if your parameter and deadlines for updating coverages at your new address.

·       2 Weeks before: Change your address early.

Most people know there is a U.S. Postal Service form you can fill out to change your mailing address. Don’t wait until last minute to fill the form out to make sure your mail arrives at your new place in time for your life there, complete the form about two weeks before you move. (to receive $10.00 off per month for your TV Service use code: 83937025 /Candice Jones
For Your Local Move you can call your moving company and in most cases we can assisted with your move.

·       1 Week before: Organize your finances

Important financial tasks are often forgotten in the mist of moving. Since losing track of bills among piles of boxes is all too easy. Setting up systems before moving can easily transition from old home too new. For monthly bills such as phone, rent or mortgages can really help set them up for auto pay, which you can typically do through your bank or the billing company.

Don’t forget to find a place for your pets to go on moving day, such as pet sitter. Its will get pretty crazy for them on moving day.

·       1 Day before moving:

Do you have special plants that mean a lot to you in your yard and in your house or apartment that you want to take? To make sure you don’t forget them make a list of what plants you want to take and remove them in pots or large buckets prior to moving day. Make sure you don’t pack the shovel as well.

Plan on having a box that has important things you will need once you get to your new place. Things like toilet paper, paper plates, paper towels, silverware, bottled water, snacks, cleaning supplies, Medications, documents and etc..

If you need help moving your furniture on last minute you call give us a call for short notice moving service.


If you have any questions about moving or need packing advise. Please give us a call, we would love to make your moving transition go smoothly as possible during this very stressful time in your life. 602-944-1413

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