Monday, October 17, 2016

Don't Clean Furniture prior to Moving Day

If your moving day is approaching, that means it’s almost time to clean! Clean the floors, clean the walls, clean the bathrooms and clean the cupboards. It may seem overwhelming. But as a moving company in Phoenix, we can check one thing off your list. We advise you not to clean your furniture before moving
As you’re moving and shuffling things around your old home and into the new, dirt gets kicked up, dust flies around and hands are touching everything. That’s why we say, leave the cleaning of your furniture until you’re moved in! Here are a few ways to spruce up your furniture in your new home!
  • For wood furniture, purchase a wood marker to fill in scuff marks and dings.
  • Have your upholstered furniture steam cleaned by a professional and it’ll look like new!
  • Give all of your smooth furniture a wipe-down before bringing it in the new home to reduce the amount of dirt brought in.
Though we do our best to keep clean trucks and use exceptional care when moving your belongings, dirt does happen. That’s why we say wait until after the move to worry about cleaning your furniture. You have enough to worry about with cleaning the old home before leaving so set your focus on that.

Kind in mind when moving from one place to another you may notice new scratches and dents on your furniture, that you hadn't noticed before and may times this is due to the light change from one place to another. Our Movers will point out scratches and dents to you when they notice them. Our Guys sometime don't see them until they get outside in the light. Its best to try and check over your furniture prior to moving day. We usually see a lot of dents on the bottom of furniture from the vacuum cleaning hitting the furniture.
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    To make your move as stress free as possible, consider hiring a moving company in Phoenix. Here at Jones Moving & Storage, we are dedicated to making your move smooth and simple, providing the best care for your belongings. Call 602-944-1413 to get your moving quote today! Visit our website for more information on packing services, local & long distance moving


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