Monday, October 10, 2016

Local Moving Tips

Giving you Advise for your Local Move in Phoenix, AZ
Making a move locally in the valley can be a very hectic and is one of the most stressful things to do in our life. Weather your moving from a House, Apartment, Condo, Storage or Office we are here with some advise to make your moving transition go much easier. We have many years of experience in the moving industry and have lots of knowledge on the do's and don'ts.

One of the things on your mind is trying to find a experience moving company to fit your particular moving needs. Not finding the right moving company can be quite a headache and cause you to have additions stress on moving day.
  1. Packing: As soon as you know your moving it is a good idea to start your packing process this will help ease your mind. Start by packing all items you don't use on a daily base like wall features, knickknacks, art work, garage items, clothes and etc. Label all boxes so that you will know what is inside the boxes and from what room it came from. Keeping all boxes in one area will help will saving time with your movers. Also don't over pack or under pack your boxes. See our other blogs on packing information on packing and sizes of boxes to use for packing your items. If you need help packing check with your local moving company for advise or help prior to moving day.
  2. Time Saver: Loose items and very small boxes are very time consuming when your paying movers by the hour. So try to pack your items in one boxes instead of a lot of little boxes it will save on a lots of trips to the truck. Also, misc loose items are a waste of time for the movers, considering your paying by the hour. Disconnect your cords from opponents, beds, washer and dryers and refrigerator. Our movers will dissemble and reassemble beds, washer, dryers and TV's with no extra charge.
  3. Being Ready: Having everything ready to go is so important. For example everything should be removed off nightstands, dressers, coffee tables, end tables, desk, cabinets and packed up and ready to move. Lots of customers don't realizes this will make the moving process go much slower if the movers have to remove everything off each piece of furniture to move it. Remove cords as well and put them in a safe place you will remember where they are.
  4. Apartment Moves: If an elevator is involved with your move, please check with your building manager to see if you must have an elevator reservation. Also, let you moving company know if there are stairs or tight turns in the stair case.
  5. Oversize & High End Furniture: It is very important to advise your moving company of any large pieces of furniture so they will bring the appropriate size truck on moving day. High end furniture may need extra pads and shrink wrap to protect the piece of furniture prior to moving it, so it important to let them know in advance. Moving Pianos , Pool Tables & Hot Tubs would be other items we would need to know about.
  6. Dressers & Chest: Clothing and linens may be left in dressers, chests and night stands, but books, valuables, jewelry and breakables – such as perfume bottles – must be removed.
  7. Labeling Rooms:  Color code rooms will help the movers to place your items in the right rooms when your not available to tell each of the crew members where to place your items.
  8. Hardware: Get small bags to put your hardware from beds, desk and cabinet & anything that needed to be taking apart and label them so you or the movers will know where they came from.  It will be much easier to reassemble and save you time in the long run.
  9. Keep out of the way: I'm going to try and say this the nicest way I know how. Remember you hired experienced movers to do a job. When you, the children and pets get in the way this causes the moving process to go much slower. Let the movers do there job, especially the crew leader , this is what they do everyday and are very experience in every situation. When you tell them how to do there job it makes it very difficult considering there is a science to how everything goes in to the truck or in to storage units. So keep in mind they wouldn't come to your job and tell you how to do your job. So its the same concept for experienced movers.
  10. Check Licensing & Insurance Information on your moving company. This is so important in the long run if anything may happen in the moving process. Keep in mind the state requirements are only .60 cents per pound per article you may want to check with your homeowners or rental policy to see if your covered when moving local. You can also get a plan through  Something else to keep in mind is boxes packed by you and loose items such as glass, pictures, paintings, pottery, art work and etc. will not be covered under any of these policies. Also internal mechanical contents such as washer , dryers, refrigerators, television and anything in the inside of any opponents will not be covered the insurance company says we don't know if it was working prior to the move.
  11. Check Reviews: There are many moving companies out there from very good to very bad, so it is very important for you to do your homework as a consumer. Start by looking at your Local Better Business Bureau , also make sure they are accredited. These reviews are usually always legit. Here is the link Better Business : , Angie's List, Google, Yelp are good as well. 
  12. Cheapest Movers: Cheap movers always have crazy up charges for stairs, heavy items, wardrobe rental, fuel fee charge, long walk, tape, shrink wrap & etc. These charges are a way to make up for there low rates. Example:  If you are hiring a Moving Company that is charging $35.00 per hour for 2-men or $49.99 per hour for 3-men, it usually too good to be true. They usually charge extra fee’s which always ends up costing more money in the end. If you do the math for the labor, truck fee, gas and insurance, there wouldn’t be enough money for that company to stay in business. That's why there are so many crazy fees, plus there movers are usually not experienced.  Usually Day Labors. One last thing to know is if they use shrink wrap to protect your furniture that is a true indication they don't know what they are doing. Shrink wrap only protect your furniture from getting dirty. Heavy pads is what they should be using with rubber band to hold the pad in place, Not Tape. These cheap movers will charge you for all the tape and shrink you don't even need.  Most customer don't know right from wrong when it come to local moving. I'm here to spread the message to our customers and anyone reading this blog.

We hope all of this important information will help make your local moving process much easier. If we can help you in any way please call us 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm.
We would love the chance to assist with your next move.
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