Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Apartment Moving in Phoenix,AZ

Apartment Moving Tips
 Moving to a new apartment can be an exciting time and also a very stressful at the same time. Here is a few things that will help make your moving transition go smooth as possible.
  •  Packing early all the things you don't use on a daily base. See our packing blog for correct ways to do your packing. There is a science behind packing everything the right way so things don't break when moving them. You could always hire professional packers if you don't have time to do it yourself. Pack a Essential box it will  be very important to have access to that right away with toiletries, snacks, sheets, blankets ,clothes, shower curtain & etc..
  •  Moving yourself or hiring a professional moving company. You may save in the long run with hiring experienced  movers. Most moving companies in the valley will provide the truck, tools, pads, dollies and will include the gas and insurance for that truck. Bonus is that will save your back and Not have to worry about asking friends or family to help with your move. Downside, doing it yourself you will need to worry about renting a truck, paying for gas, mileage and insurance for that truck. Not to mention the equipment you will need to moving your furniture and protect everything as well. There is a higher risk of you ,your friends, or family from damaging your furniture that you care so much for.  
  • Reservation , If your moving from a high rise building you may need to contact the building manager to reserve the elevator for your move in or out. Some High rise building will need General Liability insurance by the moving company. We have that policy for any of the buildings in the valley.
  • Dresser & Chest  when hiring professional movers they should tell you to keep everything in your dresser drawers and take any valuable & breakable out to move them. Professional movers will have pads and big rubber bands to keep the drawers from opening. If they use tape they are wasting your money and time. If your moving yourself , You could use tape, because most likely will not have rubber band to keep them closed.
  • Disassembling of Beds, Desk and Dismounting TV's get baggies for the hardware of beds, desk and anything that may need to taken apart and label them so you will know where they go to. When you hiring our moving company we will take apart anything you need us to and we will dismount the TV's at No Extra Charge. We can reassemble everything expect the TV's we would need to come back out to do that service for extra charge.
  • Oversized Couch or furniture, for very large furniture you may need to measure your exterior and interior doors, stairway and halls. We at Jones Moving can usually hoist over the balcony with a extra man on the job. Please advise if your have oversized pieces so your moving company can bring an extra guys out on moving day.
  • Take Pictures of both places. When renting its important to make a list of items you notice that are damaged or not working and give them to the manager for your protection. Pictures will help you when moving out to remember if the damages where there or not.
  • Local Moving hours for apartment moves. These hours can be more or less depending on  your location from and to, stairs, long walks, elevator or how ready you are to move. 1-bed apartment 1st floor to 1st floor usually takes about 2hrs , 2-bedroom apartment 1st to 1st floor usually takes about 2-3hrs, When there are stairs it can take about 1hr longer. If you have a lot of misc or small boxes it can take longer as well.
  • Cheap Movers In the valley, are not as best for doing a local apartment move. They will charge you extra for stairs, tape, shrink, fuel fee, mileage . They may not even offer you a truck. They need to get the cost up to make up for the cheap rates, so beware and do your research to so if they reputable in the valley.
We hope these moving tips will make your moving process go much smoother. If we can help answer any questions or concerns, Please Call us 7days a week from 7am to 7pm
We hope to assisted with your next move. 602-944-1413 Visit our website @ http://jonesmoverz.com


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